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“Colors and lines merge with the sounds of İstanbul at Mercure Istanbul Taksim.”

Have you ever thought about staying an art gallery?

The fascinating atmosphere of Mercure Istanbul Taksim welcomes you. Would you like to listen to “Experience of staying in an art gallery” from Art Historian and Writer, Nazlı Pektaş?

“Spending the night amidst the art collection of Mercure Istanbul Taksim is almost like collecting the first impressions of a journey that is just about to begin.

While strolling through the collection comprised of paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, lithographs, and mixed media on paper, it is rather important to encounter traces of İstanbul, see works by artists from Turkey, and witness the silent, yet powerful bond established with the industry of culture and art. In addition, the inclusion of works by globally renowned artists from a range of nationalities carries the collection and its discourse to an international level.

Considering the appeal İstanbul has in the field of contemporary art and the success it has attained in that specific area, encountering works of art at a hotel in midtown must be quite intriguing for foreigners visiting the city. Apart from that, displaying such a collection in the hotel is equally important for promoting our city and, by extension, our country the art scene of which is further enriched with museums, biennials, and fairs with each passing year.

Noticed from the street, before even entering the hotel, Richard Mas’ male and female sculptures with heads shaped as lips look out from the hotel lobby. These sculptures by Mas, recognized for his surrealist works, playfully invite guests inside the hotel.

Bruno Catalano’s bronze sculpture from the “Travellers” series featuring figures with substantial missing sections shares the dreams of a traveler with hotel guests as soon as they step in.

Rooms, corridors, convention halls, lobby, and terrace—the works of art we encounter at each stride lend new and rich meanings to travels of different purposes.

Comprised of works with abstract, figurative, minimal, surreal expressions and shaped by a range of media including marble, bronze, paper, glass, canvas, and even photographic paper, the art collection of Mercure İstanbul Taksim communicates both with its viewers and the space in which it is displayed. During your stay at Mercure Istanbul Taksim, you sometimes reflect upon the artist, or, at other times, choose to focus on the artwork, perhaps hoping, with a degree of excitement, to recognize the artistic side you may discover within.

Staying at a hotel with an art collection entails being introduced to and enjoying a conversation with art and the city you are visiting.”

If you wish to view the images from our art gallery, you can visit the gallery section in our website.

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Omer Avni Mah Inonu Caddesi No 42 Gumussuyu Beyoglu, 34437 Istanbul
Tel: +90 212/9242727
Fax:+90 212/9242700


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